The History of Momokawa
Logo   Momokawa's origins can be traced back to the late Edo Period (c. 1603-1868), when the influential Miura Family began brewing saké in Momoishi Village. In 1889, the brewing rights were transferred to Kuramatsu Murai, who established a brewery in nearby Hachinohe City and began selling saké under the brand name "Momokawa."

   In 1944, as a result of the industrial reorganization that was mandated during World War II to bring about the merger or consolidation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Murai Brewery merged with twelve other businesses in Aomori Prefecture to form Nihoku Brewing Company, Ltd.

   By the following year, however, the number of saké brands that Nihoku produced was reduced to five, including the Momokawa brand; the others had been spun off as independent enterprises or had been discontinued due to poor economic conditions. Then, in 1984, four of the five remaining brands were spun off, and Momokawa Brewing, Inc., was established as an independent entity.

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