Momokawa Sake Brand Labels

Momokawa Label
   Hoan Kosugi (1881-1964), a famous Japanese artist from the Meiji Period, was inspired to write the verse above expressing his affection for Momokawa saké.

   The Momokawa logo (left) is written in Kosugi's delicate brush strokes, and has remained unchanged over the years.

Nebuta Label   Momokawa's award-winning Nebuta brand saké derives its name from Japan's famous Nebuta Fire Festival.

   The festival features traditional music, fireworks displays, and a parade of floats illuminated from the inside by thousands of lights. The Nebuta logo was designed by Yuzo Nakui, a Japan Art Academy advisor and member of the Mainichi Shodo Examination Committee.

Sugidama Label   The Sugidama brand derives its name from the cedar ball ornaments ("sugidama") that decorate brewery exteriors.

   These ornaments are symbols of the ancient role that Japanese cedar plays in the production and drinking of saké. Momokawa's Sugidama brand saké is a "junmai" – saké brewed using only rice, water, and rice malt – that is enjoyed both cold and hot. The Sugidama logo was also designed by Yuzo Nakui.