Momokawa Saké: The Rice
Mt. Iwaki & Rice Field   In addition to Aomori Prefecture's famous Mutsuhomare and Yumeakari brands, Momokawa relies on a number of other distinguished rice brands that are exceptionally suited to saké production (saké rice). In fact, brewery representatives pay regular visits to Hyogo area growers of Yamadanishiki rice – known in Japan as the "king of saké rice" – in order to secure a stable and high-quality supply of the superior brand.

  Representative Rice Brands:

Saké Rice: Yamadanishiki, Hanaomoi, Gohyakumangoku

Regular Table Rice: Masshigura

   Saké rice is a soft and highly-absorbent type of rice that is characterized by a low protein-fat content and a white core that is loosely packed with starch granules. The thousand-kernel-weight of unmilled saké rice exceeds 25 grams; the same unit of unmilled table rice weighs between 20 and 22 grams.

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